Poetry by Button, age 9

blue Mommy
feet never stop moving
going up and down stairs repeatedly
my Mommy




Button created this cinquain-type poem for a writing assignment.

Let me explain her imagery:  she described me as blue since I was wearing blue shirt and shorts at the time.  As our “school room” is in our loft, it seems that I’m often running up and down for laundry, food preparation, etc.


2 thoughts on “Poetry by Button, age 9

  1. Cynthia says:

    CUTE poem (LOL)! We did one of those 2 years ago and I still have it listed in our sidebar under the picture of our youngest son.

  2. Jeanni says:

    That’s a sweet poem. I remember learning about limericks and haikus but not cinquains. I normally just write free verse poems but I might try to write a cinquain.

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