Nachos Supreme

1 lb.        ground venison or beef

1 pkg.     taco seasoning (or 1/4 C homemade equivalent)

1 can       refried beans

1/4 C      water

1 bag       tortilla chips (you won’t use the entire bag)

2 C          Mexican blend shredded cheese

1             onion, chopped

2             tomatoes, chopped

1             green pepper, chopped (optional)

1             can black olives (optional)

Serve with:

sour cream


taco sauce

Spray 9×13 baking dish with olive oil.

Heat oven to 375*F.

Brown burger with onions.  Drain off grease as necessary. (If you use venison, there will be no grease to drain:)

Add taco seasoning, refried beans, and water.

Heat to boil, then simmer 10 minutes.

Arrange in layers the following:

Tortilla chips (leave whole)

Meat sauce (above)

1 C cheese

green pepper



1 C cheese

Bake at 375* for 20-30 minutes.  Cut into squares and serve.

Recipe adapted from Mrs. Bailey’s 8th Grade Home-Ec Class.  Thank you, Mrs. Bailey!


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