First Day of Tae Kwon Do

I was so pleased to find a sport in which our children could participate simultaneously!  This Tae Kwon Do group is comprised entirely of Christian homeschooling families—another benefit!  Circuit and Button both enjoyed their first class today.  The lighting in the room was unfortunately quite dim, resulting in poor photographs.  Nevertheless, I could not neglect to document their first Tae Kwon Do attempts:)  Button is in the pink shirt.  Circuit in the light blue.  They’ll meet weekly and have their first testing opportunity (to earn a belt) in December.


This morning, we studied a Bible lesson and learned about Benedict Arnold’s betrayal of our country.  Then we gathered library bags, water bottles, and other errand-day essentials.

I’ve been severely limiting our trips to town in the gas-guzzling Expedition.  So, today, Tae Kwon Do class was only 1 of 9 stops on our list:

√ Target—purchase requisite solid-colored sweatpants and t-shirts with NO designs for Tae Kwon Do

√ bank—deposit check

√ Kopy Korner—photocopies for Easy Grammar lessons

√ library—drop off finished books / pick up inter-library loan for history

√ health-food store—Feingold-approved bread, yogurt and chocolate bar (on sale, so I HAD to buy it!)

√ Burger King—inexpensive Whoppers, a Feingold-approved lunch (sadly, no longer free of artificials)

√ Tae Kwon Do

√ Meijer—groceries

√ gas station—$40 (half-tank) in Expedition, thankfully finding a station at $3.71/gal before it joined the other stations in a jump to $3.95/gal!!!


Whew!  We’ll all sleep well tonight!


One thought on “First Day of Tae Kwon Do

  1. Cynthia says:

    Way to combine things into one trip. We do the same thing.

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