Our First 4-H Experience


Circuit received an “Outstanding” ribbon for his birdhouse!

On this earlier post, you can see part of the construction process.


Here, Button is explaining how she tie-dyed 2 shirts.  She received a blue ribbon for each of them!


A portion of Button’s display shelf.


So many lines in which to wait!  Circuit decided to relax on the cement floor while he waited yet again.


A portion of Circuit’s display shelf.


Circuit explained his tie-dye strategy to this patient judge.

Congratulations to Circuit, Button, and cousins J & J!

They earned numerous ribbons today!

Circuit and Button have always enjoyed crafting.  They thrive on designing and building stuff.  As God designed me without the crafting gene, it’s fortunate that my aunt and cousins have stepped in to direct and supervise most of Circuit and Button’s 4-H entries.

I have a difficult time with big crowds and “hoop-jumping” activities, so these 4-H things were a huge challenge for me today.  Please pray that I can avoid stinky-attituditis—which plagued me today—for the coming week!

More county fair photos will follow as we return for floriculture judging, carnival rides, and our shift in the food building.


One thought on “Our First 4-H Experience

  1. Cynthia says:

    I hear you on the hoop-jumping activities. We enjoyed everything about 4-H except those *** record books (LOL)! They were way more work than necessary!

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