Frying Pan—with Teflon Intact

Our old frying pan was shedding Teflon.  Not a yummy additive to our fajitas (or to any food, for that matter).  I’d been wanting to purchase a replacement for several months, but didn’t see the money in our budget.




God blessed me with the opportunity to work 17 hours as a library substitute this week (14 of which I had not previously expected).  Voila—surprise $$ for a new pan and Latin curriculum as well!


Even better, frying pans were on sale at Kohl’s this week. This 12″ pan is “commercial grade” and dishwasher safe with a lifetime guarantee. So if the Teflon attempts to evacuate, I’ll just march right back to Kohl’s for a refund.  I spent $25 rather than the retail $40. Hurray!


One thought on “Frying Pan—with Teflon Intact

  1. Cynthia says:

    WHOO HOO! That’s a great buy.

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