When the Day of Evil Comes

A psychological suspense in the vein of Ted Dekker. But not nearly as heavy. And from a clearly feminine perspective. Author Melanie Wells writes with engaging dry wit.

Clever passages:

…I was in trouble most of the time I was [at seminary]. Which isn’t surprising, given my aversion to herd activities and to hoop-jumping. [31]


Jenny: “The man never tells me anything. I think he believes his wedding ring is a mind-reading device that transmits his thoughts through the airwaves.”

Dylan: “Does your ring receive?”

Jenny: “Absolutely not. I’m old-fashioned. I like to use words.” [102]


Tony: “You used to be nicer.”

Dylan: I hoped he was kidding. I didn’t want to have to revamp my entire personality. I was sliding down the slope of bad attitude. I squared my shoulders and tried to behave myself. [105]

I’m looking forward to the arrival of book 2 in the series via interlibrary loan.


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