Beloved laptop transported to Dell hospital

Does this look right to you??????????????????????????????????


After nearly two weeks of

countless blue screens of death and other assorted crashes;

approximately a dozen (12) online chats with Dell support;

two (2) on-site visits from a Dell-contracted tech;

replaced hard drive, memory, CPU, and motherboard (of the refurbished variety);

the yellow DHL ambulance van provided emergency transport.

[I really should have taken a photo of the DHL van for documentary purposes, but I forgot.]

Poor DH has been coordinating all of the surgical repair attempts and graciously allowing me to use his PC. When I resigned myself to the fact that my laptop may be admitted for an extended stay at the Dell hospital, we installed all MY life-support software onto DH’s computer. Quicken, Homeschool Tracker, Canon Camera stuff, etc.

I apologize for my bloggy boringness over the past days. I’ve uploaded our recent photos, and will post as time permits.

Prayers are welcome for the full and expeditious recovery of my ailing laptop.


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