Blue Screen of Death

My laptop has been displaying a blue screen of death such as you see here. Frequently. Several times a day. In case you’ve not personally experienced a blue screen of death before, I’ll explain. It means that your computer is severely ill. As the name implies, blue screens can be fatal.

Thankfully, DH is a computer geek:) DH saved copies of ALL my files to his PC before the laptop entirely died. And thankfully, the laptop is still under warranty. After 4 chats with Dell tech support, a new CPU and motherboard are on their way. Sometime this week my laptop should be healthy again.

Until then, I am sharing DH’s PC. I probably won’t bother with loading my camera software on DH’s computer, so you probably won’t see new pics here until the laptop has recuperated:(


One thought on “Blue Screen of Death

  1. Jeanni says:

    I haven’t had the blue screen but my laptop was acting up quite a bit but finally I got it straightened out. It’s terrible that I’m so addicted to the computer I feel deprived without it. Hope that you get it back to normal.

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