Magoon Trouble


Magoon = mama coon in Button language

DH noticed some strange sounds above our breezeway Sunday morning. Pairing that with the raccoon he saw in the driveway late Saturday night, he figured that our breezeway roof had been converted into a coon maternity ward.

What to do?

As our breezeway and garage were added to our house in stages over several years, our dear builders (who shall remain nameless) left a strange space over our breezeway ceiling—yet inside the garage—that had not been sealed.

There, on a comfy bed of pink insulation, Magoon delivered 4 coon babies. The babies were girls, of course, since Magoon selected the pink decor.

I won’t go into detail of DH’s attempts to remove the raccoons from our abode. I will report that a slingshot, mothballs, and bb gun were unsuccessfully implemented. After Google assistance failed, DH called his buddy. Said buddy and 2 other guys came over yesterday afternoon.

Button and I were blissfully shopping during the ensuing adventure. Circuit bravely photographed the event.


Something about a crowbar, large fishing net, shovel, ladder, cage, gloves, and 4 men. Magoon was safely transferred to the cage, and her coon babies were relocated to a box. No casualties were reported.

I was told that Magoon and her offspring were moved to a hollow tree,

where they may live happily ever after.

DH will be busy with drywall this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Magoon Trouble

  1. Aunt nay says:

    well circuit wanted a pet maybe the magoon could be it uncle said he could of bottle fed one of the baby’s!!!!!Ha Ha

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