Daniel Boone


Button holds her completed History Pocket about Daniel Boone.

We have enjoyed working on several history pockets this year. I must remember to photograph more of them. What a great supplement they have been to our TruthQuest American History curriculum this year. This Daniel Boone activity was part of the Explorers of North America History Pockets published by Evan-Moor.


Circuit and Button completed the pocket activities as I read several living books aloud. Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road by Catherine E. Chambers and Becky and Her Brave Cat, Bluegrass by Miriam E. Mason were both excellent.

The books were written from very different viewpoints. The first focused on the trailblazing and historical impact of Daniel Boone on the state of Kentucky. The latter book was written from the perspective of Daniel Boone’s daughter. It told of long months when Daniel Boone’s family waited for him to return from his exploring expeditions. Years of living in tiny, one-room, dirt-floor cabins. It was interesting for us to compare and contrast those different viewpoints.



One thought on “Daniel Boone

  1. Kathy in WA says:

    Awesome! This looks fantastic. She did a great job. You definitely need to photograph all of the different ones you complete over the year. It’s so inspiring!

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