Personally, I’d rather not be a mega-church anymore.

In an attempt to downsize from that mega-church look that I have professionally mastered, I kept myself quite busy today. I…

*walked briskly for a mile

*tidied my bed

*read a Bible passage

*cleaned a bathroom counter and toilet

*educated two elementary students:
history, penmanship, grammar, reading, spelling, astronomy, geology, Latin, and math

*evaluated and recorded assignments from above subjects

*baked loaf of delicious homemade bread

*washed, dried, and put away two loads of laundry

*encouraged beloved children on “hanger hunts” so this clean laundry won’t live on the floor

*sang along with worship music, causing laundry to be less drudging

*allowed beading crafts to overrun the living room and dining room

*baked two batches of extra-delicious homemade brownies
(and only ate one brownie after licking the bowl)

*conducted sibling mediation

*hugged those dear, sweet children

*prepared and ate breakfast, lunch, and supper at home,
courageously resisting the temptation to drive to town for restaurant meals
(especially tempting, as Dad was required to dine out at a business function)

*conversed via walkie-talkie with dear children as they roamed our weedy acreage

*washed **all** dishes, including (by hand) those that didn’t belong or fit in the automatic dishwasher

*replaced the battery in mp3 player, thankfully needed a AAA battery (see note below)

*discovered that dear children OR dear husband had absconded with the last of the AA batteries

*added AA batteries to the neverending grocery list

*soothed an 8-year-old whose fingernail was stabbed (an attempted hijacking) by a weed

*assisted unsuccessfully in the search for a misplaced, orange and white walkie-talkie

Whew! I should have lost at least 20 pounds with all this work today, dontcha think?

Oops–forgot to sweep the floor. Gotta go. Better be 21 pounds lost after that!


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