Unique Tooth-Removal Device


Circuit has a nasty habit of using his teeth to detach stubborn Bionicle pieces. This time, a tooth was extracted along with the Bionicle piece. Gasp!

He came running to find Mom, concerned that he had evicted a permanent tooth. Circuit had forgotten that the tooth in question had actually been loose for awhile. It was, in fact, a baby tooth. Whew!

I hope that this incident scared him out of using his teeth as Bionicle tools!


This blur is my son. I tried photographing Circuit’s mouth with the hole in his gums, but he would not cooperate. The troublemaker even licked my camera. Grrr.


One thought on “Unique Tooth-Removal Device

  1. Jeanni says:

    One time Jenae lost her tooth while biting into a cini-mini and she swallowed then realized that her tooth was gone. She started crying because she ate her own tooth. Anyways hopefully he won’t be detaching Bionicle pieces with his teeth anymore.

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