@ the Tridge Park


“This is my favorite playground in Michigan,” declared Button.
[Hmmm. As Button has never visited a park in any other state, her declaration is even more momentous!]


Three exciting levels of climbing, hanging, and sliding fun. Just ignore those porta-potties that snuck (is that a word????) into the picture. Those are NOT part of the fun. I’m simply too lazy to crop them out.


During the past year, my children have decided that climbing the OUTSIDE of enclosed slides is more thrilling than sliding down them. I personally don’t understand this preference. Do you???


Mom asked Circuit where he wanted to have his photograph taken. This was his chosen pose. I’m assuming that he chose this location because it was the highest vantage point on the play equipment. Please believe that I did not try to pose the poor boy in jail. I promise.

Now. If you paid attention to this blog post’s title, and you DON’T reside in Michigan, you’re probably waiting for the following explanation.

Are you ready for your geography lesson of the day?


What we fondly call the Tridge Park is actually named Chippewassee Park. It is the home of the Tridge–a three-way pedestrian footbridge which crosses the intersection of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee Rivers. This unique landmark is located in Midland, Michigan. And now you know!


I apologize that these photographs don’t clearly show the 3rd segment of the tridge. I was standing at a poor angle. We didn’t have time to step closer or walk across the tridge today. I’m certain we’ll walk over it sometime this summer and snap better pictures to share.


One thought on “@ the Tridge Park

  1. Kristine/SHS says:

    Snuck v. sneaked. I only know this answer because it’s come up a few times over the years on various hs lists. (lol) The proper word is “sneaked.” However, “snuck” has gradually taken hold and is no longer considered “wrong.”

    It’s funny (to me), because I never had heard of “sneaked” and would have thought that it was WRONG!

    Cute name, Tridge!

    And I think the attraction to the outside of the slides is that they CAN climb on them!

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