What Kind of Spider…The Saga Concludes

Thankfully, we weren’t slaughtered overnight by our fuzzy, mysterious visitor. By the way, we have named him Mr. Creepy Crawly.

You, dear cyberfriends, are so amazingly helpful! I received 40 emails from SHS (Support for Homeschool Yahoo group) and 7 comments on my last blog post. How loving you are to alternately terrify (assisting in the protection of my dear family, of course) and comfort me with conjecture!


Sandy (momto6gems) pointed us in the right direction with the broad label of “jumping spider.” I believe Shelly in TX is correct in her more specific identification of the Daring Jumping Spider. [Just reading that name is horrifying, isn’t it?!?] A photograph at the following link looks nearly identical to our Mr. Creepy Crawly:


As Mr. Creepy Crawly is apparently non-poisonous, I’ve tried not to freak out about him. Wouldn’t you know—Mr. Creepy Crawly disappeared during the hours when my husband was home:(

Suggested Intervention:

Amy, a fellow Michigander, was brilliant in her arachnid-coping advice. Amy’s multi-step plan was certainly a professional-grade proposal. Lisa in Jax seconded and lent credibility to Amy’s hairspray intervention. In my very own unique solution, I also applied the relocation recommendations of Elisabeth, Rebecca, Jodi, and Dawn.

Mr. Creepy Crawly finally reemerged this afternoon (this time a bit lower than his previous 12-ft. high perch). Here he is on the edge of my dormer window trim.



I swiftly scurried around, collecting the necessary materials that Amy cited. Not pictured is a piece of cardboard which I stole from Button’s craft supply. [Please forgive me, Button!] Next, I opened the window and removed the screen, praying that no wasps would fly inside. I placed the cardboard on the floor in the corner (far below Mr. Creepy Crawly).


Chosen Intervention:

I climbed the step stool with my Frizz-Ease Hairspray in hand. [I’m sure you’ll agree that Mr. Creepy Crawly’s hair was excessively frizzy.] I bravely applied a thorough coating of hairspray to Mr. Creepy Crawly. He politely dropped onto the cardboard. Suppressing a scream, I quickly picked up the cardboard and dumped Mr. Creepy Crawly onto the porch roof a few feet below.


Arachnid-sympathetic readers will be glad to know that after Mr. Creepy Crawly recovered from his frizz treatment, he continued to move peacefully along my porch roof.

Relocation success! Whew!


Once again, many thanks to those of you who assisted in solving my conundrum, or at least shared your own hilarious spider stories. May God bless you with arachnid-free abodes!


BTW, DH has confessed that he masqueraded as “Dodger” and left a comment on my last post. No wonder I couldn’t find a “black HandRib spider” when I googled! DH is in BIG TROUBLE.


4 thoughts on “What Kind of Spider…The Saga Concludes

  1. Elisabeth from SHS says:

    Too funny!! Born free, as free as the wind blows……..
    He doesn’t look so big and scary outside! LOL!

  2. Kristine/SHS says:

    You are sooooo brave!!!! UGH!!!!

    I haven’t been here in awhile, but I just love your blog!!


    And I’m so glad you did this to Mr. Creepy Crawly. I just hate it when my spiders are stricken with the frizzies.

  4. button says:


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