What doesn’t belong?


Hint: I could have titled this post Eye Spy.

Circuit claimed that this item was missing for 2 days. He also claimed that it WAS NOT in his room.

He was mistaken.

I challenge all other moms of Lego-loving sons to share:
What’s in your Bionicle box?

2 thoughts on “What doesn’t belong?

  1. I just found your blog through a link to our Happy to be at Home site, and I must say I’m so amused at how similar your family and mine is. You use some of the same curriculum we do (Apologia & Draw Squad), you seem to have a similar teaching style, and you have a son who appears to be absolutely crazy about Legos. (My 11 yo son started a blog called thelegomaster.wordpress.com on which which he blogs about Lego creations he has made. And yes, he has an enormous Bionicle box as well. Right now, one couldn’t even see the floor of his room because it’s 2 inches deep in Lego pieces.)

    I would wager that our sons would get along famously.

    Keep up the great blog!

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