Circuit spent some of his Christmas money on this Roboquad. I must share a word of caution, however.


You, also, may find a Roboquad whose price is drastically reduced. Your son may also grin in delight at the list of “cool” functions on the Roboquad box. If you allow your son to purchase Roboquad, make sure he has enough funds to purchase ear plugs for the entire family as well.

Roboquad is a LOUD beast.

Roboquad has been banished to Circuit’s room. Roboquad may only “speak” when the door is firmly shut.

If the snow ever leaves Michigan, Roboquad will be exiled OUTSIDE.

Photography by Circuit


One thought on “Roboquad

  1. Jeanni says:

    Circuit, I remembered when you showed me this robot on the internet and that website was loud enough. I can imagine why it was banished to your room! But it does look like your having fun with it.

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