Tybee Island Light Station


Yes, I have an affinity for taking photographs of lighthouses at dusk. [And, yes, I also have an affinity for prepositional phrases:] On our way back from Florida, DH and I stopped over in Savannah, Georgia. While there we dined at Macaroni Grill. Many thanks, by the way, go to Cynthia for that restaurant suggestion. Delicious Italian food! No, I didn’t take photographs at the restaurant. Just use your imagination.


DH humored my request to see (and hear) the ocean AGAIN. We consulted the Georgia travel guides and followed the Island Expressway to the Tybee Island Light Station. We had just a few minutes to “see” the ocean before the sun set. It was interesting to us that the ocean behaved so much differently off this island in Georgia than it had in Florida. I’m guessing that the marshy waters of coastal Georgia largely affect the water movement. In the poor light, my photos of the ocean water didn’t turn out well, but I just had to share several of the lighthouse.

Aren’t the palm tree silhouettes lovely?

On a side note, there are many lighthouses back home in Michigan. It’s so strange for me to associate palm trees with lighthouses, though. Strangely, none of those Great Lakes lighthouses have palm trees nearby:)


2 thoughts on “Tybee Island Light Station

  1. Laura in MO says:

    I love all of your lighthouse photos. Very beautiful.

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