Florida Getaway


These photographs should explain why I haven’t updated this blog in a week. Good excuse, right?


DH lovingly drove me all the way from Michigan (below zero windchills) to Florida (mostly 60*) for this long-awaited getaway. DH had never before visited Florida. I barely remember a Florida vacation from my youth. We were long overdue for a warm winter break.


We spent 2 nights at the Beachfront Bed & Breakfast in St. Augustine.

Just steps from our door was this neat boardwalk which led over the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean.


DH surreptitiously snapped the above photo of me as I was collecting a few shells.


We were amazed that the sand was so compact!

It was such a contrast to the the sand along the Great Lakes, which is typically very loose and difficult to walk upon.


Here is the ocean side of the Beachfront Bed & Breakfast.

Our room, the Sea Breeze, was on the second floor, just up the exterior flight of stairs.

The window on the far right was mine!


My lovely vantage point from the Sea Breeze!


The king-sized bed was soft and luxurious. Ocean waves lulled us to sleep each night.


Even the ceiling fan was fancy.


These blooms graced the back yard of the B&B.

I have no idea what type of flowers they are, so please don’t ask:)


If you’re planning a vacation to warm climes, I highly recommend the Beachfront Bed & Breakfast.

St. Augustine was a wonderful place to relax. It was so quiet without our dear children.

Would I return if given the chance? In a heartbeat!

[Many thanks to the Lord, to DH (my personal chauffeur), and to our family members who made this miraculous trip possible!]


10 thoughts on “Florida Getaway

  1. Laura in MO says:

    Oh my – I could almost cry looking at your beautiful WARM pictures!!!!! 🙂 What a wonderful vacation you had. How hard was it to come back to frigid temperatures? You took many lovely photos – thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathy (SHS) says:

    I grew up in Florida and spent many family reunions and long Saturdays in St. Agustine. One of the few Florida cities that I miss. Those flowers are hibiscus and they make a wonderful tea.

  3. Amy says:

    Beautiful pictures! We’re in the middle of an ice storm. The beach is looking lovely right now!

  4. Lovely photographs – what a beautiful spot to stay in! And I love the pictures of the hibiscus flowers! I’ve never seen them in yellow – only varying shades of reds and pinks.

  5. Robin says:

    Oh, that all looks wonderful! How great for you to get away to somewhere warm this time of year.

  6. De'Etta says:

    Gorgeous photos…I could almost hear the ocean. I’d say you have a great reason not to blog. LOL

  7. Andra says:

    Wow! Now if I can just get my husband to take me! LOL Beautiful!

  8. Lisa in ME (SHS) says:

    Oh my! I’m SO jealous! I’m sitting in Maine while we get more snow/rain/sleet today. ::sigh:: It looks like an absolutely lovely place to stay & I’m sure it helped to recharge you enough to finish out the winter in MI. 🙂

  9. Heather says:

    Laura in MO, thanks for your comment. I really missed my children—I’d never before been away for a week—so I was looking forward to coming home. But, it was incredibly unpleasant to drive back into the snowy north. I could feel my hair and skin (and even my nostrils!) becoming disgruntled as the air became drier:(

  10. Heather says:

    Kathy and Ginger, thank you for your superior flower knowledge. I’m glad that you were able to put a name to my mysterious flower photos:)

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