Family Weekend, 3rd installment

Last Saturday, our family gathered for lunch at Photobucket Their chicken and dumplings taste like homemade. Mmmmmm.


Grandma baked and decorated this colorful cake for Circuit. I must explain. [Please feel free to skip, because I’ll probably ramble on for quite a while.]

Grandma has a tradition of making fancy cakes for each birthday child. She actually knows how to make those professional stars, roses, curlicues, and whatnots! I had purchased organic food coloring for her to make a natural (Feingold-friendly) cake. After trial and error, Grandma realized that the organic food coloring doesn’t work as a substitute for the colored cake frosting that she was accustomed to making. Sadly, the natural ingredients that provided color also flavored the icing in a non-cakelike manner. I regret that she had to waste a batch of her homemade frosting in this unfortunate experiment:( After scrapping the natural food coloring project, she convinced Grandpa to drive to a cake decorating shop on the way to Circuit’s birthday party. It is, of course, impossible for a cake decorator to produce a “naked” cake. Thus, the bright decorations! Did you notice the skip in the jelly bean pattern around the edge? That missing jelly bean jumped into our birthday boy’s mouth faster than mom could stop it!

Oh, I should also mention that the blue license plate on the cake features Circuit’s real name. I blurred it out of the blog to protect his identity. Since he is a secret agent, it wouldn’t do to reveal his true identity:) In the summertime, if the snow EVER leaves Michigan, he’ll use the license plate on his bike.

One more note. I had taken several photographs of our family members dining at Cracker Barrel. I considered posting them here; but, I probably would have been disowned. The photographs were not flattering in the least. You’ll just have to imagine what the table looked like with all 11 of us.


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