Happy Birthday, Circuit!

With a little help from operating room staff, on the morning of January 6, 1998, Circuit was finally persuaded to emerge. Joyful Mom was certainly relieved:)

In honor of his 10th birthday, Circuit was given his first real tool set. How proud he was to open that big toolbox! Repeatedly, Circuit has offered to help ITMan fix anything which may (or may not) need fixing. The power screwdriver appears to be his favorite tool to date.


You may have noticed the special crown Circuit was wearing. Artsy sister Button fashioned that crown in an outer-space style. If you look closely, you may be able to see millions of stars and a number 10 she wrote on the front.

Circuit also received a crossbow (with suction cup darts), a C-3PO figurine, and a very cool-looking Target gift card that Button selected.

We are blessed to have such a loving and intelligent handyman in our family. Happy birthday, Circuit!


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