Circuit’s Pre-Birthday Celebration

These children had not eaten a McDonald’s Happy Meal in 4 months.

Such a travesty!


Why, you might ask? Our family has been successfully applying the Feingold Program since September of 2007. The benefits we’ve experienced (of eating the Feingold way) are too many to mention in this post. I promise to address our experiences with the Feingold plan in another post. For now, if you’re curious, you can go to for more information. To our children’s dismay, very few items from the McDonald’s Restaurant menu are Feingold-approved.

Anyway, Circuit was allowed to choose a non-Feingold restaurant meal in celebration of his upcoming birthday. Thus, the long-awaited McDonald’s visit. Chicken nuggets, fries, a cheap Bionicle toy, and a noisy play-place. What more could a nearly 10-year-old boy ask for in a restaurant?


Of notable interest are Button’s electrified hair and mismatched socks. Please refrain from thinking that I should be doing laundry instead of playing with my blog. You must understand that Button DOES have clean, matching socks available to her. Button proudly wears different socks as a fashion statement. Just ask her.

Synopsis: Fun was had by all. ITman and Joyful escaped McDonald’s with only slight headaches. Stay tuned for the post-McDonald’s behavior report.


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